Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I"M AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I dropped 12 in 14 days just by walking to work....and if i sound like a informercal i am. I couldn't believe that my simple idea of walking to work to save on a little gas would help me loss so much weight!!! I plan to keep going :) and will see what i'll be down to by christmas!!!! i might just be back in my skinny jeans!!!( well at least close to being in them).
My little words of wisdom today is " Never Give UP, what you are looking for is right around the corner". .....Thats why i walk to work LOL

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Way to go Me

So I have to pat myself on the back :) Yesterday while doing my cardio i shaved 10 min of my 3 mile walk...how you ask and jogged part of it!!! Yes my knees are holding up and i felt awesome until Brian came over and asked if i was ready to train...all the sudden i was popped. Like the good trooper I am we did a kick butt workout!!!
So that night i was so happy that i had bought my new bed, and all i had to do was put it together....ya it wasn't hard at all. But before doing that i had to go to walmart, I bought some new sheets, towel, shampoo and conditioner and soap...because i was not going to payson for those things. Anyway on my way home I got the new Almond Berry Chicken salad at Wendy's and let me tell you that is an amazing salad and expensive too. I got to my new place, took a shower from my amazing work out, put my bed together and then I eat my dinner, watched about 10 min's of tv and headed to bed...awww it was wonderful.
I love that i'm only a mile away from work and can wake up at 7 am and not 6 am, I don't have to worry about taffic...How did i get to be so blessed!!!
All in all life is good, knowing that your doing good thing it's nice to say i am happy :)...i'm not going to lie I'm glad to be sore again!!!!
P.S. I found a Healthy Pizza Crust recipe so i'll have to tell you how it tastes!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm Moving Out!!!!

So I have grown up again :) I am moving out of my parents, yes it's sad to say but i have been living at home for over a year. There has been pros and cons...I could save a lot of money and the biggest con No Social Life. But watch out world here i come again.
So in moving out i bought a Bed, and let me tell you that was hard to do, but in the end it will be a very good thing and i have to say I'm happy with what i bought...I'll post pictures of the bed, house and my room ( when it's done ). I have to say i am very blessed to have such a wonderful family and great friends!! I don't think i could ask for more :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Been Awhile :)

I'm not died, but close :)...I have been trying to deal with the fact that i have gained wait back again :( But I'll loss the weight again. I'm going to use this Blog as my sounding board. I realize that weight is always going to be my battle, but it is a battle that I am going to win!!!

I have a new Trainer his name is Brain Hall. i'm still at 24hour fitness. He is a great trainer I can't wait to work with him!!! He has is tough but but i've had tough ones before lol.

My 1st line of busness was to make be a chart to help me with my cardio. I have learned in the past it's easier for me to do it if I have a chart of somewhere i want to go and i "run" to it. So i have desiceded that i would like to go to Bryce Canyon...and i have already done 42 miles :) i'm on my way :)

My Advice is....I never said it would be easy I only said it would be Worth it

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm not very good at Blogging

I know it's been quite a long time since i have posted anything and a lot has happened. For those of you how don't know I live in Cali and loved everyone minute of it. If i would have found a job there i would have stayed in beautiful San Diego...But when you run out of money it's time to move home
I had a fun time going to Disneyland and Sea World with Ken and Jen's family at Christmas time. Then going with Todd and Haylee's Family in March...Boy was i Spoiled what that. I had fun laughing with Kristi and all the projects we got are self into...Making scrapbooks, Selling candles and Candy Cane Reindeer...By the way if anyone wants some I believe that Kristi still has them :) I have to say Kristi and i became a lot closer those 7 months that i was with her and her family...Thanks Davis Family for opening your home to me!!!
I loved my ward down there and Learned a very important lesson there...Heavenly Father Loves Me no matter what. He will always help me as long as i ask for his help and act when he answers.
At the last part of April I moved home...it was a bittersweet day for me. I could find a job for a little while, then I went to my old boss and asked if i could do some on call work, She said yes and i have been able to work a little bit...and right now a little goes a long way.
I have so happy to come back to Utah, and Can't wait for my next adventure
Signing off

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Girl in a Big Town

Well first i have to say I'm sorry that i haven't been on here in a long time....But my new news is I'm Moving to Cali.... My sister Kristi has made me an offer I couldn't refuse!!! Everyone is really excited for me and i can't wait to get out there. There being Poway Cali " I hear it's Beautiful out there and I know there's a 24 Hour Fitness close by"
My Plan is:
1- Give my 2 week this Friday Oct. 3 2008
2- Make me some Clothes so i don't have to buy them LOL....with my mom's help of course
3- I'm thinking about leaving the Last week of Oct.
4- But Before i leave i have to have a Goodbye Party!!!!

I know for some people this my come as a shock and for other not so much. All i can say is that I have nothing to lose, I'm single, nothing is holding me here...i can Visit Family and Friends... But most of all i need a change. Life is to short to wait for something to happen you have to make it happen. That's what I'm doing making something happen!

Don't get me wrong i will miss everyone, but I'll get over it lol!

Until next time Keep smile and know that I am thinking of you always

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Watch out

Hey everyone watch out world her comes Sharlynn, it you missed House on 05/05/08 don't worry, you can still see my commercial.
Wow May has come and gone. That was one of the best months of my life. On 05/05/08 24 Hour Fitness Flow me out to San Ramon Cali, to help kick start there new Campaign. Let me tell you that was so fun and totally unforgettable. For those of you who didn't her what happened let me tell you :)
Monday 05/05/08 I wake-up got my carry on bag...( that i hate to say was packed about 2 weeks before i left)...I printed my boarding pass and started to the Salt Lake Airport. I got there with plenty of time i didn't want to miss my flight lol. As i was waiting for the shuttle to come my phone rang. It was Matt for the 24 hour fitness in Provo, He told me that i was on the front page of the 24 hour website. I couldn't Believe it he told me all about it. I had to everyone know what was going on. So as fast as my little hands could type I text everyone i know( or that at least had a cell phone that i could text). I then called my Family and let them all know I was on the Website. I then called my mother and told her, she said that my Aunt Cecil was at the house and would i like to talk to her. I told her after i ask one question " is a boarding pass and a Ticket the same thing" my sister giggled a little and said yes. She then asked me if i was old enough to fly alone. I laughed and told her that it was nerves and that the last time i flew somewhere was 5 year earlier. She then put my Aunt on the phone. I told her that she was going to be on national TV. at the same time i was talking to her i was trying to get through security and the Office that was checking my boarding pass and my ID. he was listening to what i was say so as i got off the phone he said that he would watch for me.
As i got on the plane i sat down and put my seat belt on. with a smile on my face i took a picture, My seat belt fit. I then text Kelly and told him, he text back LOL. Because 5 yrs ago i couldn't get the seat beat on. and now i even have some of the belt left over.
When i got there i couldn't believe it! I was so happy that i could hardly control my excitement. There was a Driver there to pick my up, he was very nice. We drove right to the corporate office. When we got there Stacie was there to greet me, she was and still is wonderful. She was so happy to see me, she told me that i looked great for just getting off an airplane. I thought to myself the airplane ride wasn't bad i was trying to sleep the night before. We went to the 5 floor and on my way there she told me that Tony and Karl would like to meet me. First i would see Tony and then will go from there.
As we came into the room where the launch party. It was very nice, and we walked over to where a guy was standing doing the audio stuff, His name is David. Stacie said that she would take my bag to her office and that way i don't have to carry it around all day. I asked David how many people usually come to these things. He told me about 200 people. My jaw hit the floor I told him that i was think along the lines of 50 people he started to laugh. He then told me that if there was anything that you needed to let him know and he would help me. We started to talk about me and my family. I told him how i would have loved to have my Mom and Dad there. That's when he stood up and said that they had found a video cam to record the whole thing. The only thing i could do at that point was give him a huge, I was so happy. I told him how much that meant to me and how thankful i was.
As we started to talk Stacie came over with Tony. He was so happy that i could come out, I was happy that they picked my to come out. He told me what would be happening later that day. I would go get some lunch, then come back and meet Karl, go to my hotel to Relax hahahaha, and then come back to the office but this time sneak in. I laughed a little, then i asked him why would i need to sneak in. That's when he told me that people KNOW how i am, they have been looking at my Commercial and my picture for 1 year. So oh yes they know my voice, face and most of all they can say my name right.
Stacie and I went to lunch. As we started to talk about my trip out here and my weight loss journey, her phone ring it was Tony. Karl wanted to meet with me right now. I hadn't had 3 bites of my salad and i was on the go again....This is how the rest of the day went.
I met with Karl, He was so happy that i could come out and share my story with them. We talked for a little while and then he had other meetings he had to go to. I was shocked that he wanted to meet a girl from Payson, UT. He couldn't wait for me to talk in front of everyone, no one new that i was coming.
Stacie took me to my hotel so i could check in and try to relax, which i didn't do. I got to my room and took some pictures called my sister and my mom and told her everything up until this point. I had been in my room maybe 15min and Stacie was calling me. So as i was trying to talk to my mom i was walking out to meet Stacie so we could get back in time to sneak me in, which didn't happen.
When we got back to the office we took the service entrance and that didn't work that put me right in the room where everyone was. So we took the back stairs, and then i went into an office where i was to wait until they said my name to have me come out.
As i was sitting there trying to get my thoughts about me David came in to see if i needed anything, i told him water. He got it for me and then said that he would leave the door opened a little so I could hear what was going on. As i sat there listing to Tony speak and then they watch the commercial and the Karl started to speak. I know the time was getting close i said a little prayer asking my Heavenly Father for Help...and right at that moment i heard 3 names that brought a smile to my face. Matt, Stephanie and Luis I know that if I could find them i would be OK and i was. David then came back and said that i was almost on. At that moment i was not worried about a thing. I walked a little down a hallway and then stopped and waited to hear my name. About 3 minutes later Karl Called my name. As i walked out people were chapping and already crying. The first thing i did was find Matt, Stephanie and Luis i did. As i started talking telling them about my struggles with weight. How much my parents did for me and how training means the world to me. At the end of the i thanked them for letting me come. I had people laughing,crying and hopeful by the end. After i was done I was signing t-shirts, hugging people, listening to how I changed there life and getting my picture taken. They gave me 40 sessions of training. I got to talk to my 3 friends, there are the most amazing people and i thankful for everything that they have done for me.
I then went back to my hotel to freshen up i was going to Dinner with the Marketing Heads. It was fun to sit down and talk to them, they were all every nice. That is where they told me that my story was picked over 12 million other storys. Then food was great. Just then my phone stated to ring and i was getting a lot of Text. I started to laugh I told them that the commercial most have aired in Utah. My mom and dad called, they were so happy you could hardly understand them. Then my sister called she started to cry when she told me how happy she was. Everyone that i was eating with wanted to what people were saying. I told them that it made everyone cry. I couldn't believe that this was, or has happened to me. I got home a little before 9 right as house came on as i sat on the bed and the day could caught up to me i got really tired really fast. I had to get up and move around to stay awake. I called Kelly to see what he thought but i got his voice mail. He text me and told me it was amazing and then my phone died. The one thing i forgot was my charger, so i watched the commercial and cried happy tears. I felt like all my hard work was finally paid off. I then turned off the TV and went to bed.
The next morning i wake up and went for a walk, San Ramon is a Beautiful place and walking around was nice, i didn't need to be anywhere and i could reflect on the crazy day that i had. I walk to the store to pick up some thank you cards, to give to people. I got to my room and put them down, and then when for breakfast. I was standing in line to have an omlate made for me. When a couple of guys in business suits walked in. The one kept starring at me like he know me, but i didn't know him. I got my meal and sat at a table. He then walked over to me to see if he new me. I asked him where i was from, he said Penn. I told him i was there about 5yr ago. I started to laugh thinking of what i looked like then and said... " Even if that's where is was you wouldn't have recognized me" that's when he stopped and said. Last night you were on TV last night during House. You lost 130 pounds, way to go." I told him thank you. I couldn't stop smiling. when i was finished i went to the business room where the computers were so i could print my boarding pass/ ticket. When i pulled 12millionlive.com i read thing that people posted to me, that made me cry to read what my family and friends had said about me. I got back to my room wrote some thank you notes, when my phone ring and it was time for me to go. The driver took me back to the main office of 24, where Stacie was going to send me a package that they had given me the day before. I didn't want to check anything in and she was kind enough to send it to me. I gave her the thank you cards and headed to the airport. I got there about 3 hour early, so i had to wait for the plane and no phone, then my flight was delayed for another hour. I couldn't wait to get home and tell everyone about the amazing time i had.
I got home and called my mom to see if she was home, then my sister Carolyn and my mom was at her house. I went there to tell them all the great news. I then went to the Sandy 24 hour to talk with my first trainer, Thomas and my Friend Jordan. I told them everything, we sat there and thought that if you would have told any of us that this would be happening i would have caller you a lair. I then called Kelly and sherry, and told them everything that had happened. Kelly has always been a great supporter and wonderful friend and he is so happy for me. Sherry is just all around amazing and a great support all in her own right. It was fun to tell her my story while she packed to go to Germany to get her sister from off her mission. We laughed and talked and shared some funny story of training with Kelly. I don't know what i would have done without them.
I know i left so many people out but i want to thank everyone for all there love and support it mean a lot to me
Shar the Star